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Hours/Address in header

If you need to change the address or hours in the header, go to the Site Info page and change the "slogan" to the text you want. Normally it says:

1075 American Pacific, Suite C, Henderson, NV 89074
Monday - Friday 6pm - 10pm | Saturday 3pm - 10pm

Traffic light in header

See stand alone page


If you need to change the home page to point to a new page for any reason, go to the Site Info page and change the "Default Home Page" to a new or existing page.

Past Events Page

On this page we show the past events. This uses identical code to the homepage (see below), except it has a call to $meetup->get_past_meetup_events('synshop') instead of $meetup->get_future_meetup_events('synshop')

Homepage Meetup Events

Currently the homepage uses a page that has not-Drupal normal PHP inline on the page. It uses MeetupEvents to show cached Meetup Events.

A cron job is run by root every minute to ensure users don't fire the caching:

# every minute hit the home page so the cache for this is fresh and users aren't refreshing them
* *     *   *  *        /usr/bin/curl --silent -o /dev/null https://synshop.org/Past-Events
* *     *   *  *        /usr/bin/curl --silent -o /dev/null https://synshop.org/

And the page's PHP/CSS/HTML looks like this:

    #address-text a {background-color:red; color:white; text-decoration: none;
font-size: 25px;}
    #breadcrumb {
        display: none;
    /* DANGER!! This CSS assumes the first node-article will be the wrapper "future events" and should be hidden.
    It might hide a real event if you're not careful! */
    /* Thanks  https://stackoverflow.com/a/8539107 */
    .node-header, .comment_forbidden {
        display: none;
    .meetup-date  {
        display: block !important;
    .node .cancelled  {
        text-decoration: line-through
<div class="node-header clearfix">

    <div class="date">
        <span class="day">23</span>
        <span class="month">Jan</span>
        <span class="year">2020</span>

    <div class="title-and-meta">
        <h1 class="node-title"><a href="/2020-01-23/future-events">future events</a></h1>
        <span property="dc:title" content="future events" class="rdf-meta element-hidden"></span><span property="sioc:num_replies" content="0" datatype="xsd:integer" class="rdf-meta element-hidden"></span>
        <div class="meta">
                      <span class="submitted">
              By <span rel="sioc:has_creator"><a href="/user/admin" title="View user profile." class="username" xml:lang="" about="/user/admin" typeof="sioc:UserAccount" property="foaf:name" datatype="">Administrator</a></span>            </span>
    </div> <!-- /.title-and-menta -->


// HACKY SOLUTION! - be sure to update past events which uses identical code except get_past_meetup_events() instead

$path = '/srv/http/synshop';
set_include_path(get_include_path() . PATH_SEPARATOR . $path);

$meetup = new MeetupEvents();

$eventHtml = '
<div class="node meetup-event node-feed-item node-promoted node-teaser clearfix" typeof="sioc:Item foaf:Document">
    <div class="node-header meetup-date clearfix">
        <div class="date">
            <span class="day">%s<!--day--></span>
            <span class="month">%s<!--month--></span>
            <span class="year">%s<!--year--></span>

        <div class="title-and-meta">
            <h2 class="node-title %s"><a href="%s"><!--link-->%s<!--title--></a></h2>
            <div class="meta">
                <span class="submitted">
                    By <span rel="sioc:has_creator"><a href="https://github.com/Ths2-9Y-LqJt6/MeetupScraper"
                         title="View github project." class="username"
                         property="foaf:name" datatype="">MeetupScraper</a></span>
        </div> <!-- /.title-and-menta -->

    </div> <!-- /.node-header -->

    <div class="content">
        <div class="field field-name-field-feed-item-description field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden">
            <div class="field-items">
                <div class="field-item even"><h4>%s<!--long date--></h4>

$events = $meetup->get_future_meetup_events('synshop');
$count = 1;
$eventsHtml = '';
foreach ( $events as $event){
    $epoch = substr($event['epoch'], 0, -3);
    $month = date('M',$epoch);
    $day = date('d',$epoch);
    $year = date('Y',$epoch);
    $description = nl2br($event['description']);
    if ($event['status'] == 'cancelled'){
        $longDate = "CANCELLED " .$event['human_date'];
    } else {
        $longDate = $event['human_date'];
    $eventsHtml .= sprintf($eventHtml, $day, $month, $year, $event['status'], $event['link'], $event['title'], $longDate, $description);
    if ($count > 6) break;

print $eventsHtml;

<p><a href="https://www.meetup.com/synshop/events">See More Upcoming Events</a></p>