Freestanding Laser Cutter

This laser cutter is from Full Spectrum Engineering, and has a usable cutting area of 24" by 18". It is driven by the RetinaEngrave (version 2) Windows software which is available as a free download from Full Spectrum Engineering. Designs can be started in the software, but often it is better to design images in a graphics program and use the Full Spectrum Engineering Printer Driver to print directly into RetinaEngrave. To do this, start RetinaEngrave first, and then open your image file to print.


As the sign on the laser cutter says, it has no brain, please use yours. RetinaEngrave is very simplistic and often will not do things as you expect, or feel are basic. It is also terrible about telling you what is wrong with your files, and many times searching online will not produce useable answers. Some things to keep in mind:

Double Sided Laser Engraving

Remember RetinaEngrave's lack of brain. The internet will tell you you can make a design on separate layers of a graphics file, and print them separately into RE and they will line up. The internet lies for this software and this laser cutter.

Working with Adobe Illustrator and RetinaEngrave

Adobe Illustrator is a fairly common vector art tool, but its not available at SynShop. The computer hooked up to the laser cutter has both CorelDraw and Inkscape on it if you are familiar with either, though as an Illustrator user I found both to be lacking in features I needed and confusing. Both of those programs seem to print reasonably well into RetinaEngrave via the Full Spectrum driver, but AI seems to have issues.

Helpful Tips and Useful Info: