Muse Laser Cutter

This laser cutter is from Full Spectrum Engineering, and has a usable cutting area of 20" by 12". It is driven by the Retina Engrave v3.0 software which is native to the laser cutter and is accessed via the browser at the IP of the Muse laser cutter. At the time of writing, this was but always check the touchscreen of the laser cutter itself to se what IP address it has.

RE3 - Design & Import

v3.0 is quite a bit smarter than the older version 2 software. Along with robust design tools available from the broswer, RE3 has a Place/Import option under File that will read many graphic formats plus PDF files directly, identifying elements that can be selected, locked, and hidden. The full user manual can be found, and downloaded, here.

RE3 - Camera capture & Trace

v3.0 also has a new feature called camera capture, where the laser cutter can take snapshots of the work area. When importing or designing, this can be used to get a picture of the material to aid in placing the design on it where you'd like. It can also be used to generate a deisgn. Using a contrasting color, such as black on light materials or white on dark materials, after using the capture camera you can use the Trace function to trace the objects in the captured image. There are controls on the right such as threshold to fine tune the trace.

RE3 Cautions and Tips

The lid for the Muse is heavy. It will feel light and open easily a few inches and then feel 'stuck'. It isn't, that is just when the weight kicks in, so continue to lift. The metal grate bed in this laser is not fixed, it does shift inside the cabinet slightly.Take care to not bump it if running mutiple passes/files over the same piece and need careful alignment. *There is an excellent walkthrough that Brian W. made on the physical setup and use of the Muse laser cutter.