SYN Shop v1.0

Proposed Location:

Existing Floorplan:

Proposed Floorplan:

Video / Photos from walk-thru on 2011-10-14:

List of Comments / Questions about the proposed space:

This is a google doc for no real good reason, but that is where it started and I'm too lazy to port it to wikitext. You can edit the document as much as you'd like, but standard convention is to add a header with your name and then enter your comments / questions below that.

Visio Drawing

Here is a Visio drawing with the floorplan from PDF in raster format. The file isn't too big with the raster in there, but feel free to try to bring a vector version in.

There is a classroom setup with 2' x 6' tables in the lobby. Feel free to move it around. There is a reconfigured setup of the classroom furniture to the lower left of the building.

One of the rooms is drawn up as a woodworking shop. I think everything important is in there. It all fits together reasonably well. It's easy to move things around in Visio, though.