Front Kiosk Display

How to build this:

Bill of Materials

Hardware build out

  1. Make a harness to connect the OLED display and the BME280 at the same time. Connect the OLED and sensor to the right pins on the Pi
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the large monitor
  3. Fabricate a case for the Pi, OLED and sensor like shown above - but up to you how this looks ;)
  4. Fabricate a sign with the info and QR code
  5. Mount the Big ass TV and Sign, and Pi set up to a wall

Software set up

  1. Install latest Rasbpian on and SD card. Insert it into the Pi. After first boot, configure WiFi to be on the shop's LAN, run sudo apt update;sudo apt dist-upgrade
  2. Give the Pi a static IP by following these steps.
  3. Change the pi user password to something random, add administrators SSH keys to pi user and harden SSH by editing /etc/ssh/sshd_conf and changing it to not allow passwords via PasswordAuthentication no. Restart ssh with systemctl restart sshd
  4. Install and configure YANPIWS per the sites instructions
  5. Enable the OLED to show the real time temps for the BME280 via these instructions
  6. Create /var/www/html/dashboard/ and put a copy of MeetupEvents.php in it from this repo
  7. Grab a copy of the index.php and events.php files on this gist and put them in /var/www/html/dashboard/
  8. Create a folder called member_fobbing in /var/www/html/ and install the
    fobber repo into it. Be sure to copy config.dist.php to config.php. As well, ensure badger is doing a webhook call every time some one fobs in to the kiosk at https://KIOSK_IP_HERE/member_fobbing.
  9. Have the Pi use a full screen browser service pointing to per these steps.
  10. enjoy!