We're officially moving!

As many of you know, we have approached the end of our lease at American Pacific Drive, and have made the decision to move into a place to finally call our own. We are finalizing the purchase of a new building that will be wholly owned by us!

Here's a FAQ to fill folks in.

The move is already underway, so here’s what you can expect in these coming months:

Where is the new location?

Our new location is at 5967 Harrison Dr., Las Vegas, NV. With this change in location, we are much closer to central Vegas, hopefully making it more accessible to our local members. The area is just outside of the McCarran Marketplace plaza which offers a number of different restaurants, as well as being between a <5min drive to Lowes or Home Depot.

Is the American Pacific shop still open?

At this time, the move has already started and equipment has already been dismantled and is in the process of moving. All equipment has to be removed from the American Pacific location by the end of this month (November 2020). It is likely that no equipment is operational at this time.

What does the move mean for my membership?

For all paying members, we have sent out e-mail notices about the shop move status and how that will specifically impact your own membership.

Please make sure that your account on synshop.org is updated with the correct email information to receive these important notices when we send them.

In brief- You are welcome to pause your membership during this time by either: updating your payment account at SYN Shop.org, or by emailing us to request a pause.

We understand that during these times many members can not afford to keep their memberships active, but if you are able to continue supporting our space as we prepare to finalize these new expenses; we encourage you to consider continuing to support us by keeping an active membership, or to consider a direct tax-deductible donation at https://synshop.org/donate (please fill your email if you would like a donation receipt).

Please be sure to email us if you have any questions regarding your membership.

How soon can we begin to use the Harrison location?

The move-in is already underway, but as with any move we will need time to settle in and set up. We hope to set up our more flexible equipment (such as 3D printers, crafts, electronics, etc) as soon as possible, but before the space is fully opened, we are expecting to do some construction. This includes demolishing some walls to open up the work area, and create enough entryways for some of our larger equipment (like metalworking, and laser cutting).

Because of the construction in conjunction with the delays due to holiday hours, we are not certain what the official timeframe will be so we encourage you to keep active in our discord community for the latest information.

Where can I find updates?

Join our Discord group! If you are not already a member of our Discord chat group.

Here, we have a number of channels dedicated to different topics including #shop-move. This is where you can find progress on our move, as well as up-to-date discussions and how to help.

How can I help?

We have to be completely moved by the end of this month, so if you are able to offer hands, vehicles, and even just some cardboard boxes, we greatly appreciate it! Message us in the #shop-move channel of our discord group when/how you are willing to help, so that everyone can schedule the best times to meet and move.

Covid Safety

To anyone visiting or helping our transition to our new location, please keep in mind that Covid-19 protocols are still in place. Masks must be worn at all times in our locations, and distance must be kept where possible.

Thank you all for bearing with us and continuing to support us during these unprecedented times. We wouldn’t be here without you.

-SYN Shop