This is one of the old shop mini PCs that had Ubuntu 22.04 installed on and serves two primary purposes:

  • Run a backup instance of LXD which we can sync containers from c220 to
  • Run borg which can be used over SSH to backup systems to (DNS, DHCP, web servers etc)

It's located on top of the c220 in the rack and has IP

OS install

  1. Install Ubuntu 22.04 server
  2. static IP of
  3. After install, switch to br0 as network connection by editing /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml to look like the contents below. This will allow LXD contianers to get an IP on the LAN. In this example primary NIC is enp3s0, but this may change with each install:


# This is the network config written by 'subiquity' network: ethernets: enp3s0: dhcp4: false dhcp6: false

     interfaces: [enp3s0]
     - to: default
       metric: 100
       on-link: true
       search: []
 version: 2



Primary access is done via SSH. The users are:

  • aakin
  • borg
  • krux
  • mrjones
  • munroebot
  • sargonas



Install LXD, run lxd init and accepting all defaults, except:

  • create a 100GB ZFS soft disk instead default smaller size
  • match the ZFS pool name to be lxd-data. You can check this with zpool list on either machine
  • match the bridge name to be br0
  • add a new interface lxcbr1 to the lxd which matches the private LAN on c220 used to route caddy traffic between containers: lxc network create lxcbr1

Backup of c220

on the synbackup box, run this command for each container you want to backup. Here we backup the all the known containers currently:

lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:shopIdentifyer shopIdentifyer
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:caddy caddy
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:discord-bot discord-bot
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:enabler enabler
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:flatline flatline
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:munroebot-access-dev munroebot-access-dev
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:nexus nexus
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:sargonas sargonas
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:unifi unifi
lxc copy --refresh --verbose c220:pihole-40 pihole-40

This is run once a week in a cronjub under mrjones user:

# m h  dom mon dow   command
5   7  *   *   Sun   /home/mrjones/


The backup reposotory is under the borg user and is at /home/borg/backups. The password in is in the password safe. It is the same password for the borg user and the backups borg archive.

Adding a new machine to be backed up

On the remote machine

  1. Install borg. For Debian/Ubuntu: apt install borgbackup
  2. Create an ssh key with out a password: ssh-keygen -t ed25119
  3. Create a cronjob (crontab -e) with two entries. Be sure to replace the password (PASSWORD_FROM_KEEPASS) and directories to backup (/directory1/to/backup) with real values: # m h dom mon dow command 0 4 * * * BORG_PASSPHRASE=PASSWORD_FROM_KEEPASS /usr/bin/borg create -v --stats borg@{hostname}-{now:\%Y-\%m-\%d} /directory1/to/backup /directory2/to/backup 0 5 * * * BORG_PASSPHRASE=PASSWORD_FROM_KEEPASS /usr/bin/borg prune -v --list borg@ --prefix '{hostname}' --keep-daily=7 --keep-weekly=4 --keep-monthly=6

On the synbackup

  1. Copy the public SSH key from step #2 above
  2. Add it to /home/borg/.ssh/authorized_keys, but locked down like this. Be sure to replace the key in this value: command="borg serve --append-only --restrict-to-path /home/borg/",restrict ssh-ed25519 AAAAC-SSH-KEY-HERE-EiJ root@caddy