Shop LAN & WiFi


We have two DHCP servers and 3 WiFi SSIDS.

Adding a new permenant device on the LAN

  • set a static DHCP lease on Pi-hole
  • update LAN Map
  • optionally a static IP which needs to unused and be below .150


Shop owns 3 Unif APs, but currently only 1 is deployed which is setup up with 3 SSIDs. synshop is one one vlan and unfiltered and hostile are another vlan:

  • synshop - 10.0.40.x range
  • synshop_unfiltered - 10.0.50.x range
  • synshop_hostile - 10.0.60.x range - isolated in a DMZ. Is "hostile" because you could safely put what ever VM/CTF/whatnot in here without affecting other stuff.


  • 10.0.40.x range - Managed by PiHole, with static leases for infrastructure devices and 6hr dhcp leases for users. This network uses PiHole for DNS
  • 10.0.50/60.x range - Managed by the Router, both will bypass the DNS of PiHole using DNS

IP info

All IP addresses are tracked in a spreadsheet, and can be found int he tech-team discord channel.