"Big Boi" Laser Cutter

Current Status

  • Functional - Laser cutter can be used by members
  • Remaining Issues: Red alignment dot not super visible across most of the cutting area.

Maintenance Log

2023-11-29 - Rebuilt Power Switch Key assembly - Nuke Mike

  • Discovered one leg of the power circuit was loose
  • Discovered one side of the dual switch was broken
  • Reconnected circuit
  • Switched key switch to the other side of the switch assembly, which is new/untouched.
  • Reassembled switch assembly in laser cutter
  • Still no go; but key was tested to work correctly. Issue has now been traced to the ground-fault box.

2023-11-29 - Blown fuse replaced - Nuke Mike

  • Digging further down the power train, found a fuse that was blown.
  • The power plug had a spare fuse, so we replaced with that.
  • Big Boi now up and running. NukeMike will pick up a replacement fuse tomorrow and put it back into the spare fuse spot.