Media ( aka is a server that houses files. It is only accessible when you're in the shop and using our WiFi.

Note - The entire collection as of Aug 2019 is just over 15TB of data. If you're attempting to transfer more than a few gigs, you should strongly consider using Ethernet instead of WiFi so that you get faster transfer speeds. Further, you may consider using rsync as you can start and stop jobs that may take more than a few hours so you can run them over a few days and if the transfer fails you don't have start from scratch.


To access the site via FTP, use anonymous FTP which might be supported by your browser via this link: (or it may not!)


To access the site via a browser, click this link:

rsync (on a mac/linux client)

To access the site via rsync

  1. First find the folder(s) you want to download via FTP or HTTP (see above). For example, if you wanted to download all of the presentations from HOPE 2018, you would find this URL:
  2. Grab the path from the end of the URL and preface it with a period. Replace any %20 with \ (escpaced space) and escape any "odd" characters eg. change ( to\(. Using the above example that'd be: ./pub/\ Circle\ of\ HOPE\ \(2018\)/
  3. To sync all these to the current directory you're in, you'd run this command and enter the password media when prompted: rsync -avz -e ssh --progress "\ Circle\ of\ HOPE\ \(2018\)/" .